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6 Sneaky Ways to Use Your Rich Roommate from Bloomfield Hills to Your Advantage

Living in East Lansing is most definitely not cheap. Between maintaining your perfect record of being at Rick’s every Saturday night to paying tuition, any way you can avoid spending your own money becomes the ultimate life hack, even if it means exploiting your better-off roommate.

6.) Take one pretzel out of their pretzel bag every day:
Hate grocery stores? Too broke to pay for your own food? Living off campus, so no more combos? Wake up in the middle of the night every single day and steal a pretzel stick out of the bag they keep in the pantry. By the end of the semester you’ll have your own bag of pretzel sticks completely free of any cost.

5.) Ask their dad to look at your possibly cancerous mole:
Who has the money to pay for an oncologist? Just ask your roommate’s dad to take a gander at the mysterious mole that appeared on your shoulder last week. They’re rich and from Bloomfield Hills, so he’s probably a doctor, right?

4.) Have them buy you food and say, “I’ll Venmo you”:
Let’s be real, you’re never going to Venmo them. If you’re afraid of them requesting you, just delete the app – make sure you never pay for that D.W.B.

3.) Siphon ink out of their printer cartridges:
Printer ink isn’t cheap, and no one has the time to print stuff off on campus. Instead, use a straw to siphon ink out of your rich roommate’s printer cartridges. It’s as easy as making a small incision in the cartridge, sticking a straw in it, and slowly sucking in through the straw to get the ink flowing!

2.) Take the same classes as them and borrow their books:
When signing up for classes, casually ask them which ones they’re taking, then sign up for them, too (elective credits, right?). Throughout the semester, “borrow” their books and never buy your own. Save yourself a few hundred bucks and benefit from having their notes already in the book for you!

1.) Make sure their accounts are linked to your Roku:
While setting up the TV, make sure that their Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon accounts are all linked to it. This way you can keep up on Stranger Things (or whatever show is currently hip and trendy) without paying a buck!

With all the money you’ll save using these tips, you’ll have enough left over to buy yourself a 4 for $4 every week! It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

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