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6 Things to Do When You See a Fellow Spartan On Spring Break


Spring Break is right around the corner, so it’s time to make sure you got your sunblock, your audio book of A Song of Ice and Fire, and your traditional Sparty etiquette. Not sure where you left it? No worries, we’ve compiled a list of proper manners to utilize when you run into a fellow Spartan this Spring Break. 


6.) Responding to a Stranger Yelling “Go Green!”:
We’ve all encountered this, usually when we least expect it, but it’s a part of being a Spartan that we all know and love. Time to play your role: if someone yells a color enthusiastically at you while you’re getting your third Pina Colada before 3 p.m., respond with either “Now that’s a color I too enjoy!” or “Certainly my favorite color on the spectrum, great taste!” You’ll be bonding and swapping dorm stories in no time.


5.) Follow Them for 24 Hours Singing the Fight Song on a Loop:
This is just part of being a decent human being. If you see someone wearing an MSU baseball cap, you are 100% entitled to follow them in their footsteps until that same time tomorrow. Think about it: getting to go through your day just as you normally would, but now with the pride of MSU added to the mix? We can’t say this will make it their best Spring Break ever, but we’re confident that it’ll be pretty damn close.


4.) Estimate the Height of Beaumont Tower in Inches:
Now this one’s a fun one for everyone involved. If you’re both Spartans, you’ve certainly seen it, so you both will have a pretty good estimate of where it stands. You’ll both be far enough away from it to ensure there is no way either of you can cheat, and it’s a sure way to break the ice and just have a bit of fun! Optional: bring your ruler to Beaumont to see who won when you come home, that way you’ll have a good reason to keep in touch. 


3.) Ask for Their Number and Text Them MSU Trivia All Week:
Sometimes it’s hard to match schedules, and you’re forced to say goodbye while one of you goes to the bar and the other goes to the other bar. No worries, you can stay connected by simply exchanging numbers and quizzing them with MSU trivia any Spartan would know and love. What is the price of a parking ticket when P.A.C.E. comes out at 12:01 a.m.? How many badly-crafted jokes are made about Woody’s per month? Trust us, they’ll thank you later.


2.) Compare ISS 201 Notes:
This one’s for when you’re desperate, but it’s better than nothing. If you run into an East Lansing-er down in Florida, and you can’t find anything to bond over, try this one on for size. Everyone had to do it (except the Honors College kids), and you should have your notes on you anyway, so strike a conversation by comparing your scrambled notes right before exams. You’ll very likely have a few hearty laughs about your relief when your get your midterm scores back.


1.) Give Them a Squirrel:
Everyone loves a good squirrel. It’s the perfect memento of home, and a great gesture to anyone you may feel be slightly homesick. Give them a nice rodent to carry around the rest of Spring Break, and you may have just scored yourself a new best friend.


No matter where you see your fellow Spartans, be sure to give them a big ol’ Spartan welcome. It’s only proper for them to do the same.




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