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6 Things That You Still Do That You Thought You Would Only Do as a Freshman


When you’re a freshman, you’re bound to make some pretty dumb mistakes, and that’s totally fine. However, there are some things that we’ve done that we swore we wouldn’t do again that you still find yourself doing, because you’re just starting to be on your own and you’re already a dumpster fire on wheels rolling down a hill and gaining speed fast. Here are some embarrassing examples:


6.) Make an Entire Meal at 3 a.m.:
Back when you were a freshman, you had the excuse of blaming all the weight you got on the Freshman 15™. But here you are again, in your kitchen eating a plate of spaghetti with some sides. Your brain kept saying “Don’t do it, you shouldn’t do it,” but you done did it. Oh, and don’t even think the shame will be the only thing you’ll be feeling because of this late night food excursion, because you’ll be feeling that food come out in some not-so-nice ways in about a day.


5.) Send a Sexually Charged Email to Your TA:
When you were a freshman, you didn’t know the boundaries between work and play, so you decided to send that TA that you get to see at least twice a week a little flirtatious email. Then they never talked to you ever again. You told yourself you’d keep your libido outside of class… that is, until you were blacklisted by all of your past TAs, and even ones you have yet to have. Jeez, all you did was compliment their pants in class, and mention how it sometimes distracted you during lecture.


4.) Try to Walk from South to East Campus:
You idiot. You know you’re going to have to walk back, right? It’s going to start snowing soon too, fool. Oh, and say goodbye to those shoes. That’s what, the twelfth pair since you started college? Every year, you say “well, I did it last year,” yet you never remember the literal blood, sweat, and tears. You dumbass.


3.) Feeling Guilty for Stealing Things from the Caf:
Here’s a little word of advice for freshman you as well as present you: no one is watching you. Nobody cares. It’s like cringing at what you’ve posted on Facebook in the past: everyone’s done it. So take that peanut butter cookie with pride next time.


2.) Not Make Friends:
We know, we know, “next year you’ll put yourself out there more.” But how’s that going for you? We’re just saying, you should’ve gone to that UAB tie-dye event, there were some real nice people there.


1.) Forget to Lock Your Things:
Whether it be your bike, your phone, your laptop, your room, your weekend plans, you really need to start locking things down. Ever since you were a freshman, people keep ruining your day because you simply forgot to lock up. However, you specifically should lock your bedroom door during alone time, because then if someone walks in, you just lock up your body instead.


Freshman year is tough, especially with all the new things coming at you that you’re bound to mess up and lead you to develop some bad tendencies. Just be sure to not turn into a 30-year-old with those same tendencies, because that’s just a bad look for MSU.





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