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7 Burning Regrets Graduating Spartans Have This Spring


For many of our beloved Spartans, their time at Michigan State is coming to a close. While four years seems like a long time, there are still things our current seniors wish they had done during their time here at MSU. Read on to find out what graduating seniors never did, and make sure you don’t have the same regrets when you eventually kiss East Lansing goodbye.


7.) Never Threw a Toga Party:
If you didn’t do it here, no one is going to want you doing it anywhere else. Walking around in your bedsheets is unfortunately frowned upon in modern society, and if you missed your chance in college, you may have missed your chance in life.


6.) Never Scaled the Side of Beaumont Tower:
If this wasn’t your initial thought when you first saw Beaumont on your campus tour, are you really a Spartan? If you were Spider-Man, that tower would’ve been a breeze to climb, and would’ve looked pretty cool. Looks like we’re going to have to leave that to the underclassmen to accomplish.


5.) Never Figured Out Just What the Union Smells Like:
It’s a unique smell, that’s for sure, but certainly a mysterious one. Chances are no matter how many people you asked, you were never able to pin-point what exactly that large, old, wonderful building smells like, and you most likely never will.


4.) Never Met Gwyneth Paltrow:
Would’ve been cool.


3.) Never Walked Straight Across the Red Cedar River from Hannah Admin. to Wells Hall:
You could’ve saved about ten seconds of walking, and you knew that, so why didn’t you just walk right across the river instead of making the prolonged detour all the way over to the bridge? Was it arrogance? Was it lack of courage? Whatever it was, you never got over it, and you’ll most likely be regretting that one for a while.


2.) Never Gave a Squirrel Your Combo:
Many a time you had been walking across campus when a squirrel or three popped out from behind a tree the second you began unwrapping your chicken shawarma. You always told yourself you’d feed them “next time,” but now there isn’t a next time. It’s been four years of you promising squirrels shawarmas, and, let’s tell it straight, you let them down.


1.) Never Solved a Complicated Equation as a Janitor and was Brought on to Study Advanced Mathematics and Unexpectedly Fall in Love with a British Woman While Also Confronting Their Past:
This is easily the most common regret. You go into college thinking you know exactly how things will play out, when, in reality, you don’t end up solving a complicated equation and finding closure from the troubled truths of your past. And falling in love, let alone with a British woman? You may have gotten your degree, but you’ll have to live with the knowledge that you didn’t even come close. 


Although you never did these things, take comfort knowing that underclassmen will learn from your mistakes. What a good role model!


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