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7 MSU Dorms as Your Favorite Halloween Movies



From Halloweentown to The Blair Witch Project, Halloween movies have been a staple of the college experience since the dawn of time. Everyone would like to say that their res hall is the The Shining of all dorms, but what is your dorm really?


7.) Rather Hall as The Conjuring:






Tucked away in the corner of campus, it’s easy to imagine Rather Hall being the site of some serious possession. Plus, the continuous sound of freshmen vomiting sure sounds like an exorcism to us.


6.) McDonel Hall as The Blair Witch Project:





Backed right up to the river trail, and well into the woods, McDonel Hall might as well be Burkittsville, Maryland. All you need to do is investigate the hall with a video camera, have a friend wander off into the night, snap a few twigs, then drop the camera and scream, and you’ve got the McDonel Hall Witch Project.


5.) Wilson Hall as Twilight:





The engineering students down south never see the sun, and stay up late in the night cramming for MTH 132 and CEM 351. After a few weeks of this, they sure look like vampires. While Twilight is no Halloween movie, it is just as frightening to watch as your engineering friend’s happiness and faith in the world die. 


4.) Williams Hall as The Shining:





Williams Hall is the grandest of the halls, sitting atop a grassy knoll and surveying the rest of campus, much like the Overlook Hotel. If you listen closely at night, you might just hear the whispers of “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,”. But that could just be the ghost of the Foot Fondler.


3.) Snyder-Phillips as Halloweentown:





Halloweentown was your favorite fall movie series growing up, and it probably still is. Between all of the RCAH students who dress as if every day were Halloween, and the girl who never leaves the caf and may actually be a witch, Sny-Phi is as classic Disney trash as it gets. 


2.) Holmes Hall as Frankenstein:





While Holmes Hall is full of a bunch of pretentious nerds who are the first to remind you of the fine distinction between Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster, it’s also home to the people most likely to recreate the movie. A bunch of future mad scientists all living together? It’s only a matter of time before they ransack a graveyard and piece together a monster to take revenge on the frat boy who made fun of their lab coat.


1.) Mary Mayo Hall as The Silence of the Lambs:





Mary Mayo is well known for its hauntings already, and is well equipped with steam tunnels and trees, making it the perfect spot for Buffalo Bill’s hideout. Besides, as the oldest dorm on campus, Mary Mayo has moved beyond jump scare and exorcism— Mayo Hall is a classic physiological thriller.


So as you and your only two friends gather around a crappy laptop with a bag of stale popcorn, trying to decide which movie to watch, ask yourself “What Halloween movie is my dorm?”.


If you pregame the pregame then your life just becomes ones giant pregame:


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