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7 Slick Recoveries for When No One in a Tour Group Responds “Go White” When You Yell “Go Green”

To create a bond amongst students at MSU, the “Go Green, Go White” chant was created, where students are morally obligated to reply to “Go Green!” with “Go White!” However, what were to happen if you tried to get the chant going with a tour group full of high schoolers and their parents, but none of them respond? 

7.) Immediately recycle something:
Perhaps the tour group took you yelling “Go Green!” to mean that you want to reduce your ecological footprint; now you just need to find something to recycle! Rip open your backpack and place some used paper or an old water bottle into one of the many recycling bins located around MSU. Now your reputation is saved, as well as the Earth.

6.) Make it look like you were rapping along to a song:
It’s time to finally put those freestyle rapping skills to use! Once you loudly exclaim “Go Green!” with no response, start headbanging like your life depends on it, because your social life sure does. Yell out a couple more verses that sound like they would follow “Go Green”, like “Get mean,” “Be seen,” or “I enjoy Lean Cuisine!” That’ll make it more convincing.

5.) Start a game of Red Light, Green Light:
Red Light, Green Light is a classic game to play with a big group of people such as those on a tour group, so make it seem like you just want to play that! Wait for them to take a few more steps and then yell out “red light!” That way if they don’t play along, they just lose the game and now they look like fools, not you!

4.) Make it seem like you were calling someone by their nickname:
Nicknames can be really weird and out there sometimes – like the classics Who, What, or I Don’t Know -so you could play off this social dilemma as you calling someone “Green.” Could just be another student walking by, just point at them and say “Yeah, Green, buddy!” Bonus points if the student is actually wearing green, which, since we’re at MSU, has about a 50% chance of happening.

3.) Magically turn into Sparty:
If that tour group wasn’t listening to you then, they’ll be listening to you now that you’ve turned into Sparty. Meeting Sparty will turn that flock of dismissive people into a crowd of fangirls, and they’ll listen to every word you don’t say, being Sparty and all. Heck, they’ll probably even chant “Go Green” at you, and then you can leave them hanging.

2.) Do a cartwheel:
Cartwheels always look cool when done right, so you’ll instantly regain any street cred you lost after being left hanging. Just don’t mess it up, or else you will pretty much be a social outcast at that point.

1.) Blend into a nearby tour group:
That tour group you just yelled at won’t be the only tour group on campus within your vicinity. Just maneuver your way into that new tour group, like jumping from passing trains. You’ll be long gone before the other tour group is even able to blink.

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