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7 Things You Probably Stepped on While You Were at Rama

There’s nothing quite like a Thursday spent skippin’ class and sippin’ Coors at the Riv to make you say, “oh shit, what did I just step on?” This is Rama, once you turn your shoe over to figure out what’s stuck on the bottom you’re probably gonna be pretty grossed out, but hey, let us know what it was.

7.) The hopes and dreams of the person you just cut in line:
Good for you. Your good pal Sam waited in line from 11-1 while you were in class taking no notes and contributing nothing to society. Now you just get to waltz right in line like you waited there yourself? What about the poor guy behind you, and the girl behind him? What about their pitchers?

6.) Quarters:
Whoa buddy, that quarter is not yours! That quarter belongs to Amber and she’s coming over here right now, and she does NOT look pleased. Dude, hurry! Pick up your feet! She and Emily are in the middle of a game right now and you’re fucking ruining everything, god!

5.) Someone else’s credit card:
Oh no! Someone named dropped their credit card right by the bar and now you got your muddy shoes all over it. Give a it quick wipe down before you hand it to the bartender to buy you and your friends a round of shots, then put it right back on the ground where you found it. Someone might be looking for that.

4.) A french fry you were eating that you dropped and didn’t pay for:
Bad enough you stole these fries, and now you’ve got one stuck to the bottom of your boots. Gross. Aw man, and all that sour cream and onion flavor dust is all over the place. Jesus Christ.

3.) Some guy’s jersey, that he took off for some reason?:
Okay, this one caught you a little off guard. For whatever reason Blake, who just shouted about how hard it is to be a packaging major loud enough for the entire bar to hear (ugh, rude), ripped off his Red Wings jersey and you got your sticky footprints all over it. Way to go, ya piece of shit. 

2.) A dart:
Awww c’mon now there’s blood everywhere and the DJ has to ask everyone to leave. You couldn’t have like, idk, taken a quick scan of the floor after the bouncer finally let you in and before you beelined to the bar for your first pitcher. Now you’ve ruined not only your Thursday, but pretty much everyone else’s too.

1.) Poop:
Okay, like, if you went to the bathroom there’s definitely poop on your shoe. Everybody poops, get over man, jeez you’re 22.

Maybe you didn’t plan on going to Rama today, but when you do, just make sure that whatever you step on is remembered fondly because one day you’re not going to be able to skip work and go to the bar on a Thursday morning. 

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