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7 Things to Tailgate Now That There Are No More Home Games

It’s official, no more football games at Spartan Stadium until September 2018 (unless you count the spring game, but like, come on). No more tailgates, no more elevated surfaces, no more mooched hot dogs. Fear not, as there are plenty of random events to fill that void. Bros, put that jersey back on and pull up your mid-calf socks. Ladies, find that overdone cheerleader skirt and plaster on your face stickers. Tailgating season never stops at MSU:

7.) Open Mic Night at The Union:
The only way to survive that poor rendition of “Wonderwall” or the cringe-worthy comedy routine is to tailgate (heavily) for this weekly event. There’s plenty of room for debauchery at the Union, as well as high-top tables to stand on.

6.) CSE 101 Exams:
Need some courage before bombing your poorly-formatted CSE exam? Tailgate that shit and fail with confidence. If you get enough of your classmates to join, maybe the curve will be higher.

5.) IM West Pickup Basketball Games:
The entertainment level of these games really depends on the intensity of its players. There’s the kid who barely moves and cherry-picks the entire game, and then there’s the kid with sports goggles who dives for every loose ball.

4.) Wherever the Fuck the Food Truck is:
A mobile caf? The grease-soaked burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches will taste even better after turning up in line with others desperate for their daily combo.

3.) Therapy Dogs at the Library:
Possibly the only thing more hype than a football or basketball game is when there are stress-relieving puppies at the Main Lib. That golden retriever who looks way happier to see you than your family members is the perfect tailgating partner.

2.) Lunch at Shaw:
There’s always ample time to tailgate when waiting in the agonizingly long lines at The Vista at Shaw. Also, bottomless chocolate milk and vanilla Coke to chase with.

1.) Sober Dorm Events:
Does this one really need to be explained?

Don’t cry because tailgating season is over, smile because we didn’t finish 3-9.


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