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7 Wild Ways to Pair Alcohol with Your Combo-X-Change

It’s every Spartan’s duty to get their Combo-X-Change every day, but with such few options, it’s exhausting to cycle through the same items over and over. Why not give yourself some variety with a nice alcohol pairing? Whether you’re feeling adventurous, classy, or cheap, there’s a Combo-X-Change pairing for everyone.

7.) Chardonnay + Chicken Tenders:
If you’re fortunate enough to be at a Sparty’s with a grill, the chicken tenders are highly sought after, and for good reason: they’re almost perfect. Sure, you could dress them up with a little sauce, by why not add something a little more adventurous to your meal? Chardonnay will add the perfect touch of sweetness. There you have it, perfect chicken tenders.

6.) Champagne + Orange Juice + Breakfast Sandwich:
Treat yourself to the classiest brunch Sparty’s has to offer with this exquisite combination. Pour the orange juice and champagne together for a budget mimosa to start your day right. Whether you’re looking for a hangover cure, or a cozy late-morning, you can’t go wrong with this incredible meal pairing.

5.) Merlot + Pop Tarts:
Maybe you’re looking for a sugar kick to fuel your study sessions, or you have an irresistible sweet tooth. Either way, we totally have that covered. While the sweets options at Sparty’s are thin, pop tarts are likely something you’ve been hoarding at the bottom of your drawer for weeks. Fish them out and treat yourself to this lovely dessert wine combo!

4.) Rum Chata + Fruit Loops Cereal Bowl:
Do the flavors compliment each other? No. Is this meal a particularly mature way to handle being an adult? Also no. Regardless, the allure of combining alcohol with the world’s greatest sugar cereal is just too great to pass up, and honestly, it’s not half bad. Whatever you do, be sure to try this classy Spartan breakfast.

3.) Barefoot Wine Shooter + Fountain Coke + Mozzarella Sticks:
If you know someone who studied abroad in Spain, there’s a good chance you know they never shut the fuck up about how great wine and Coke is. The truth is, they’re right. Any wine shooter and Coke is a match made in heaven, and will add a touch of refreshing sweetness to the mozzarella sticks. If you’re feeling adventurous, this isn’t a combo to pass up.

2.) Cabernet Sauvignon + The Taco Station at Brody Caf:
While using your combo for takeout is probably cheating, this article isn’t complete without mentioning the underrated super-team that is cabernet sauvignon and tacos. Treat yourself to a nice night in with this high-brow pairing, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in Brody.

1.) Four Loko (Any Flavor) + Bosco Sticks:
Here we are, the bottom of the barrel. These are two things that are never good on their own, but were seemingly designed for each other. You will inevitably overcook your Bosco Sticks into a dry rod of cheesy charcoal, but the Four Loko will hydrate the otherwise inedible meal. Conversely, Bosco Sticks are a tolerable chaser for the foul taste of the Four Loko.

There you have it, all the knowledge you need to be an MSU alcohol aficionado. After you’re done trying any of these pairings, be sure to tell your friends. They’ll be impressed by your expert knowledge of both wine and junk food. Get out there and experience the Combo-X-Change in a bold new way!

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