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8 Spartan-Themed Spring Break Destinations


Spring break is a wonderful week that you have to waste, but how do you want to spend it? We at The Black Sheep have some tested and true ways for you to have a Michigan State-themed adventure, because even if you are a part-time student, you’re a full-time fan.


8.) Every Conrad’s Location Ever:
A lot of people road trip for spring break, but what about a food-themed road trip? And since there are only two Conrad’s locations, and they’re both in the East Lansing area, your road trip won’t even cost that much in gas.


7.) A Burnett’s Distillery:
When your super cool, flannel-wearing, hipster friends crank up the Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver and head out on a brewery tour, you can show them just how classy you are by visiting a Burnett’s Distillery.


6.) Actual Sparta:
Show your true school spirt by making a pilgrimage to the fatherland! Stand in front of some cool Greek buildings with your Greek letters on your sweater, your baseball cap, and pinned to your backpack. Make sure to snap a pic for Instagram, complete with a pun about Greek life.


5.) Some Beach, but With Your Spartan Flag:
Sure, everyone is headed out to sprawl on some beach for the week and get third degree burns while drinking like it’s the actual end of the world, but will they be doing it with their Spartan flag? Actually, probably yes.


4.) Some Mountain, but With Your Spartan Flag:
If you can’t make it to a beach with your flag, hold it up on the mountain you’re about to ski down! In fact, tie it around your neck like a cape while yelling “this is Sparta” as you fly down that hill. 


3.) The Other Spartans:
Drive out to California to visit San Jose State University and their Spartan, Sammy. Bring your own Sparty costume and snap a pic of the two brother Spartans.


2.) The Banks of the Red Cedar:
If you’re not hopping on a plane or into a car this break, fear not; the banks of the glorious Red Cedar are a great place to spend your break. You can lay outside, there’s water, there might be sun— it’s pretty much a beach.


1.) The Year 2015:
Hop on into the DeLorean and dial it back to 2015, the golden year. There you can relive when Michigan’s punter had “trouble with the snap” and when we had hope for our basketball team…and for our country.


From Sparta to the year 2015, there are plenty of places for you to show your Spartan pride, because at the end of the day, who will travel to super exotic locations, like Fort Lauderdale, to pose with a flag? Spartans will.


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