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9 Things April Showers Bring to East Lansing

With March finally over and done with, the final home-stretch in East Lansing is upon us. As we try our best to suffer through the last remaining weeks of the semester, we at The Black Sheep thought it best to let students know what to expect come next month. In our ever clever and playful way, we listed 10 things to finish the phrase “April showers bring—”

9.) Office hours:
Let the exponential increase of lines to your professors’ offices begin. You’ve barely managed to fake your way this far in the semester, but this class and final exam might just be the last straw. Your professor warned you about not showing up to office hours begging for extra credit after failing all year, but that probably won’t stop us all from doing it anyway.

8.) Pictures with Beaumont Tower-s:
As MSU seniors start to receive their diplomas and celebrate graduation, you’ll be sure to notice an influx of activity around Beaumont Tower. Spartans love to capture such a great moment with one of MSU’s great landmarks, and there’s none better than the ol’ BT.

7.) Sneaky pothole bois-owers:
The only thing worse than hitting a pothole is being deceived into thinking that you’re seeing just a small sliver of water on top of a perfectly smooth road. Alas, it was foot-deep pothole filled with water, and now you don’t have a front-right tire.

(Are you getting it? Everything rhymes with “May flowers”…try to keep up.)

4.) April Fool’s Day-owers:
This list is actually only 7 items long. April Fool’s!

3.) Jesus’s resurrecting powers:
In an odd twist of the liturgical calendar, Easter almost fell in March this year. Yet, we still had to wait until April to go egg hunting and sit through a four-hour church service. The Black Sheep was hoping Jesus might pull a quick one on all of us and not resurrect at all, in the greatest April Fool’s prank of all time.

2.) Easter candy to devour:
Arguably more important than Christ’s resurrection is all the great candy we get from the Easter season. From the critically polarized Peeps to the cream-worthy creaminess of Cadbury Creme Eggs, Easter candy is some of the best you’ll have all year.

1.) Emmanuel Flowers (and Michigan State Football, to a larger extent):
In a rollercoaster basketball season, the Green and White Game will give Spartan sport fans a breath of fresh air and get us pumped for next fall. Mark (Dantonio) your calendars for April 7th at 5 p.m. to forget the woes of the hardwood, and re-embrace the joys of a full-contact sport. Be sure to keep an eye out for our redshirt freshman, Emmanuel Flowers, from Chino Hills, CA. Wait, do you know the Ball family?

You can do it, you can make it through these last 4 weeks, no matter how hard it might be.




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