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The Absolute Best Memes About the Michigan Game


Happy Michigan Eve! Tomorrow our boys play U of M in The Big House, and if for some reason your brain is so busted that you’ve forgotten, the last time we took a trip to Ann Arbor, this happened:



All week, memes have been popping up some in the MSU Memes 2.0 group, and some from our geniuses here at The Black Sheep. Here are all the best ones to get you in the holiday spirit!


12.) It all begins:



Thank you John, for setting the mood for the week. MSU meme-lords collectively rubbed their hands together with a devious smile and haven’t opened a book all week.


10.) scUM bucket:



We may be recycling our own content from basketball season, this really is applicable any time of year.


9.) Let’s just get all the other Spongebob ones out of the way right now:



Patrick has been right about few things in his animated life, but this is certainly one time he hits the Larry right on the Pinhead.


8.)  IAH 169: Intro to Wumbology:



The first of the Walmart Wolverine™ references. Honestly, nothing makes you eye-roll harder than friends at Ferris State, Oakland, Wayne State, Central, Eastern, or literally any other school that isn’t Michigan, trash-talk State.


7.) Randy Marsh finally gets something right:



Shout out to Eli for this last minute meme. Very quality meme, keep ‘em coming Eli.


6.) The new banner for this week:



This one makes you do a double-take. It would surprise no one if this actually turned out to the banner one week. Harbaugh is a total promo-sellout, he would swap out the banner if it were ever offered, no doubt.


5.) Let’s make fun of Jim Harbaugh a little more:



He’s so lucky to be seen as the messiah for an unreasonably large fan base. He can do no wrong in their eyes, but his purpose is well known to the rest of the B1G.


4.) Who did it better:



If you squint they almost look comparable. But lean a little closer and Jim’s soft, pale torso is pretty upsetting.


3.) Meme-daddy, Rob LaDuca chimes in:



Very solid find from our favorite chemistry professor, but our girl Emily fixes it:



Let’s zoom in on that bad boy:



She really was able to capture the essence of that shade of “maize.” Thank you Rob and Emily, never change.


2.) A beautiful compilation photo from Jacob:



We can hear Sarah McLachlan just looking at it. We are all the ball that was picked up, in the arms of our angel, Jalen Watts-Jackson.


1.) The defeated stance:



If you’ve ever done a google search of “Michigan fan” you’ll know that only pictures of sad Michigan fans come up. Thank you Christina for rightfully embarrassing these people.


We did a little scroll through the Michigan meme group but only found this one meme about the  because it’s #notarivalry (or they’re really boring, tough to tell):



Honestly, that’s a compliment. Thank you Ann Arbor, can’t wait to show you all how a fun school tailgates!



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