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Alternative Instagrams to Take On MSU’s campus


Are you sick of all the pictures of Sparty spamming your feed? Are you searching for a creative alternative to the Red Cedar River pic? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. With better Instagram ideas than Selena Gomez or Kylie Jenner, we’ve got you covered.


7.) The Red Cedar Alternative:






Everyone is sick of the Red Cedar River, so why not shake it up and take a picture with a fire hydrant? They both are sources of water and they both look great on camera. A fire hydrant photo will complement everyone’s Instagram, showing off how quirky and spontaneous you are.


6.) The Rock Alternative:






We’ve all seen The Rock and the Rock, but we haven’t seen your rock. By posting a picture of you and your pet rock, you can really emphasize how imaginative you are. If you really want people to know fun and creative you are, be sure to mention that you’ve named your rock, you feed and water it regularly, and you keep it by your bed.


5.) The Study Alternative:






Everyone has seen the one page of pretty notes that you took during the first week of the semester, so you might as well stop pretending all of your notes are that organized and your life is that put together. Instead, post a picture of how you really study— passed out in a heap of paper in the Library.


4.) The Botanical Garden Alternative:






We know you’re dying to post that fourth photo of the Botanical Gardens this week, but don’t do it! Instead, wander over to the Garden of Knowledge (aka Club Lib) and snap some nice pics with the books. This is a great way to show your high school friends that while you love nature, you also love knowledge, and are totes gonna be way successful by the time of your 10 year reunion.


3.) The Artsy Alternative:






In case you haven’t heard, taking pictures of trees is no longer artistic, and it’s probably time for you to step up your game. Instead of delving into that leafy green texture, go for the grit and grain of the sidewalk instead. It’s original, it’s fresh, and it’s a metaphor for how rock hard your abs are.


2.) The Beaumont Alternative:






Everyone has a picture with MSU’s prettiest bell tower, but why not post a picture with your real favorite bell? Your friends will be wowed by your fearless honesty and your passion for soggy tacos.


1.) The Sparty Alternative:






If you’re considering a Sparty pic, take a peek at this innovative alternative first; stray from the masses and take a Slender Bitch pic. With her tree branch legs and gouged out eyes, she essentially sends the same message as Sparty does, while also reminding everyone how edgy and not at all basic you are.


Whether you are showcasing your pet rock, or establishing a photo relationship with Slender Bitch, we at The Black Sheep are happy to help you let your freak flag fly. Armed with these savvy new locations, you are sure to get your like count up out of the single digits.



Who really even cares about Homecoming?



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