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Bartender of the Week: Sophie from Fieldhouse


Name: Sophie
Instagram Handle: @sophie_tebow
Bar: FieldHouse
Relationship Status: single as fuck
Major: Advertising
Favorite Drink: Irish Mule
Favorite Shot: Darryl Dawkins (rumple, rumchata, creme de cocoa, chocolate syrup, cream)
Disgusting Drink: blake oneill (gin, mayo, and blue curacao) (its a fieldhouse martini)

Beer before liquor, never been sicker, wine before nine… [finishthis sentence]:
makes any boy mine

Where would you, say, hide the body in Fieldhouse?:
just drop it on HopCat’s porch

Name 1 thing that made the aughts great and 2 things that made them terrible:
Lost my virginity/discovered sex

I hadnt discovered makeup or how to do my hair

The haters that are now the hated


What fall clothing item is surprisingly sexy?:
Tailgating bucket hats

What name do you hate? Why?:
Miranda- my “ex” cheated on me with one

5 words on the impending bee extinction:
But what about my chapstick

Who is your worst enemy? Why?:
Jim, Jack, and Johnny

What would you do to [worst enemy] for $1,000?:
Anything they ask me to

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
They’re making MSU great again





If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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