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What Should You Wear on Saturday? The 7 Most Basic Tailgate Outfits for the U of M Game


Choosing outfits is hard, but don’t worry, The Black Sheep takes style very seriously. Because of this, we don’t want you to embarrass yourself in Ann Arbor this weekend. So tuck away your worries, because we’ve got the seven most basic tailgate outfits guaranteed to up the likes on your inevitable elevated-surface Insta.


7.) Oversized sweatshirt and no pants:
While we aren’t sure what the proper weather is to wear this, it’s no doubt a crowd favorite. Do you need hoodie weather to accommodate your top half, and leave your bottom half frozen? Or shorts weather so your legs will stay cool, but your pit stains tell a different tale? This temperature-confused ensemble is best paired with knee high socks and white converse to tap into the weird, creepy fetish men have for high socks.


6.) Oversized jersey and no pants:
Cousin to the oversized sweatshirt is the oversized jersey. Luckily for its wearers, the jersey offers more options via the multiple sports MSU participates in. A little chilly in Michigan Stadium? Go for a hockey jersey, despite never having actually attended a game. Predicting meat sweats from your family tailgate? Opt for a basketball jersey, and don’t forget to brag to your drunk uncle about the time you met Conner George at the Izzone Campout! Never choose a football jersey. No one knows why. Just don’t.


5.) Bleached crewneck:
You found a DIY Pinterest how-to, took bleach out of your laundry room that has never been used for its intended purpose, and speckled the shit out of your dad’s old college sweatshirt. Not only is it so indie because of the vintage-ness, but now it’s even more “so indie” because bleach is like totally in right now, but not so in that your srat sisters are doing it. It’s “so in” in like a not mainstream way, okay?


4.) Cheerleader skirt:
Compartmentalize those tragic memories of not making your high school cheer squad for this one. We really aren’t sure what is so enticing about wearing a skirt with zero pockets to a game that doesn’t allow you to bring bags, but if Bethany wants to hold all her shit in her hands for three or more hours, that’s her choice. Fashion over functionality, friends.



3.) Choker cutout tee:
The life long struggle of wanting to wear a t-shirt, but also show off your knockers is finally over. Who needs an actual choker when you can just use the neckline of your tee anyway? Grab that free ASMSU swag, cut a triangle low enough to expose your impressive cleave, and then sit back and let the guys offering you free lukewarm cans of Bud Light from their drawestring bags roll in.


2.) DIY tube top:
So you already tried the triangle cut out, but your DIY thirst hasn’t been quenched? It’s time to upgrade your level of basic. Break out the old free tees and get to snipping, Courtney. Make sure you leave just enough fabric to cover your nipples, but still expose they entirety of your stomach and chest. Decorate your collarbones with Spartan stickers, because cheek stickers are so last year. Bonus points if you pair your fabric tube with reflective aviators, a choker, and a denim skirt.


1.) Michigan State Dad Shirt:
Only the quirkiest of the quirky can handle this look. You’re not a dad. That’s it, that’s literally the joke. You’re a small, female wearing an MSU Dad t-shirt that you no doubt dropped at least $30 bucks on at the spirit store. It’d be better if it said, “MSU Daddy” to be more in line with the dad trend, but your one friend that knew that guy that makes them never got back to you. Posers will try to use MSU Grandpa and MSU Mom, but you know deep in your heart they wish they could be dads too. So, so, so quirky!


Don’t waste any time planning your outfit for Ann Arbor this weekend, because all you need is right here. Splash some sparkles on your cheeks and some strange dots above your eyebrows, because it’s game day, gal pals, and you’re a tailgate star.





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