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The Best Spartan Party Playlist to Play While You’re Snowed In

Regardless of what that one 50-degree day made you think, true darties are still months away from reality. Keep your fingies and toesies warm by partying indoors this winter – just make sure you feature this MSU-specific playlist to ensure it’s a banger.

6.) Recording of someone humming along to the fight song, even though they’ve never heard it before:
Everyone has heard this phenomenon, where the kid who has never even heard of the banks of the Red Cedar is determined to fit in out of fear of exclusion. Unfortunately, the lack of a tune makes it unbearable to listen to; use this track to weed the weaklings out of your house.

5.) The “Indoors” song from Spongebob:
This one lives deep inside the heart of all ’90s kids. Oh, how we wish we were penny, chip, or tissue, for then we could have heard this beautiful ballad in person.

4.) The entirety of Inside In/Inside Out, except the vocals are one step out of key:
This is the only way to appreciate The Kooks’s music in all its infinite grandeur. If you disagree, well, you’re so naive.

3.) 2-hour-long recording of the Red Cedar babbling:
Nature sounds are in. Set the Feng Shui of the party by connecting with East Lansing’s little pocket of mother nature’s glory.

2.) “Green Light” by Lorde:
Green lights on the porch mean the place is popping, right? Take it one step further and make the green light audio and visual.

1.) The Green Mile soundtrack:
Spartans bleed green, so make sure your party is exuding Spartan spirit by playing the meanest and greenest soundtrack there is.

Stay nice and cozy indoors until it’s time to break out those darty jerseys. Use this handy dandy playlist and your house party is sure to be the party of the century.

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