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Why Your Combo Exchange is the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, and your ability to surprise your date with a night to remember is dwindling with every romantic Facebook post she sees. Who knew you purchased a romantic Valentine’s Day rendezvous when you bought your meal plan, via the beautiful Combo-X-Change? Still not completely sure this is the right path to take? Let us convince you otherwise.

6.) The Combo-X-Change is versatile:
Sparty’s does an excellent job of ensuring all of your tasty cravings are available with one swipe of an ID. Whether your date is craving sushi or stale Cheerios, you’ll always be able to please your boo thang any time of day.

5.) Food poisoning is never a risk:
When your meal is made up of partially warmed up Chef Boyardee cups, you never have to worry about how long it’s been cooked; the preservatives take care of that for you.

4.) It’s unexpected:
Chances are your date is expecting a table covered in rose petals at Lansing’s classiest restaurant. By sticking with Combos, you ensure that your date will be sporting a dropped jaw when you walk them to your dinner table.

3.) It won’t ruin your Spring Break body:
By sticking to a granola bar and a banana, you can easily stay in line with your fat-shredding, ab-toning diet. The best part is, your date will be thanking you for staying with your diet when you’re rocking that Speed-o in Fort Lauderdale

2.) Nothing else will ever top it:
This dinner will be one your date will remember for the rest of their lives. In the years to come, they’ll be telling all their future partners “nothing will ever be like Valentine’s my sophomore year” and hey, if they’re still talking about it, it must have been good, right?

1.) It gives you spare money to use on the actual gift:
With all the money you saved you’ll be able to afford that dozen roses and one plastic one. Ya know, because you’ll love your date until the last one dies.

The Combo-X-Change is obviously a romantic dinner of choice. Dash on over to your local Sparty’s and start stocking up on preservative-packed foods to take your date’s breath away.

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