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Conner George Out With Bruised Tailbone From Sitting on Bench for Too Long

Conner George was spotted on the Michigan State bench sitting softly on a cushion during the Iowa basketball game. When confronting Conner about the current condition of his butt cheeks, he told The Black Sheep that his tailbone was actually severely bruised.

“Sitting for too long isn’t great for your butt,” Conner George tells The Black Sheep while adjusting his icepack onto his upper left butt cheek. George stares at the chair he typically sits in during the game, his butt imprint very evident. “My ass can take a lot of things, but apparently not that chair.”

Conner will be out for approximately 4 weeks. Whether or not this changes anything with the team’s normal routine we will leave up for interpretation.  The Black Sheep decided to get a more professional opinion on the matter after catching Conner silently chuckling to himself while looking at pictures of his X-rayed butt.

“My team is built for strength. Sometimes I have the players that don’t get too much playing time practice standing up and sitting down from the bench to strengthen their glutes,” Tom Izzo explains to The Black Sheep. “I don’t want anyone pulling a muscle on or off of the bench.”

Others in the program agreed.

“The man is trying his best,” says Miles Bridges with a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear in hand. “Oh, this? It’s just a little something to raise his spirits. I always have this man’s back, and now I have his butt.” Miles squinted and looked to the upper right, appearing to replay what he just said in his head.

The Black Sheep invites you to say a silent prayer for our fallen soldier; however, we suppose you can’t fall if you never stand up from off the bench.


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