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East Lansing Bartender of the Week: Billy from Dublin


Name: Billy
Instagram: billysmalley
Bar: Dublin Square
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Public Health
Favorite Drink: Margarita
Favorite Shot: Water Moccasin
Disgusting Drink: Sambuca Shot


What drink are you serving a recent graduate of MSU? Why?
Champagne, obviously, to celebrate somehow surviving college despite the years of struggle.


What would you say to someone who is studying for finals in Dublin?
Can I get you a drink? Finals are stressful and could use a few extra shots (or twelve) to get you through it.


Where are 3 places every MSU student should sneak a beer before they graduate?
In the corner of President Simon’s office crying, Beaumont Tower while also crying, The Breslin Center while receiving your degree and crying about your future.


What would be the worst place to intern over the summer?
MSU cafeterias, because you would go home smelling like year-old meat every day, and MSU facilities, because they are the ones responsible for cleaning up said year-old meat.


Who would you most want to see give a commencement speech? Why?
President Barack Obama, he is the man. I hope I am as cool as he is at that age.


What life final would you fail?
Definitely texting back, after all of these years I’m still no better.


What would rather spend the $100,000+ cost of a degree from MSU on?
A bar of my own so I could enjoy college forever.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?
It caters to college students and things we actually care about.





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