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East Lansing Bartender of the Week: John from Harper’s


Name: John
Twitter Handle: @johnjn47
Bar: Harper’s
Relationship Status: Taken. Happily. By another Harper’s bartender.  
Major: Media and Information
Favorite Drink: Whiskey water lemonade
Favorite Shot: A shot I made myself: Raspberry Pinnacle, Amaretto, Razzmatazz, and lemonade.
Disgusting Drink: Prarie Fire shot


What would your dad say if he hung out in Harper’s for a night?:
“All these kids should be studying…”


Describe the weirdest interaction you’ve had with a patron at Harper’s:
I found a girl peeing in… a place she should not have been peeing. It wasn’t the bathroom and it wasn’t outside.


If a “Clue” murder happened at Harper’s, who did it with what, where?:
It was me. John. With Spartan Wheat. In the fireplace room on my day off.


What’s your favorite turn of phrase for a very drunk person (ex: hammered)?:
MY big one is “drunkypants,” but I sometimes hear “drunk girl” as an adjective.


What is the first piece of music you ever owned?:
It was one of the first Linkin Park CDs, and it was great.


What’s the worst pants?:


Does anything even matter?:
Nothing even matters. I say that verbatim all the time  (reference my Linkin Park CD). 


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
This interview, of course. It’s also really cool even without me.



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