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East Lansing Bartender of the Week: Tiffany from Dublin


Name: Tiffany
Twitter Handle: @Tiffanystaffor3
Bar: Dublin Square
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Undecided
Favorite Drink: Arnold Palmer
Favorite Shot: Tequila
Disgusting Drink: A straight shot of mustard


Where’s the best place for a sneaky makeout sesh in Dublin?:
There’s a really comfortable back room that special parties go in that not many people know about. Really comfortable couches, and locks from the inside.


What’s the fanciest booze you got in Dublin, if we wanted to impress a date?:
We have a champagne called Vueve Clicquot that goes for $120 a bottle. Nothing says romantic like the money and bubbly.


What’s the best hook-up story you’ve ever heard about someone at MSU?:
A big group of us went down to CMU for a weekend, and a couple started going at it in the stairwell of an apartment there. This is all fine and good for them, but the walls of the stairwell were made of glass, so they put on a show for the streets of Mt. Pleasant.


Who do you have a weird crush on? Why do you think that is?:
Lip Gallagher from Shameless. He’s a bad boy and he’s got those eyes. It also doesn’t hurt for my man to be intelligent, and he had a perfect SAT.


How would Valentine’s Day be different if Tinder was invented 400 years ago?:
There would be a lot more sex, and a lot less romance. To clarify, this is a bad thing, because romance is nice sometimes.


F***, Marry, Kill: Cupid, St. Valentine, Forrest Gump:
Kill Forrest Gump, because that voice would be too much. Just imagine hearing him whisper “does that feel good” in his slow, Forrest drawl.
Marry St. V, because I need a religious man in my life.
Then fuck Cupid, because… he’s the leftovers, I guess.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve had 10 shots…:
Time to go down on you.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
It’s interesting and hilarious!



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