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Why The F*ck Is Everyone Rating Michigan State University on Facebook?


The Michigan State University community has been bombarded with Facebook notifications because their friends were “rating” the school on Facebook, I guess.


You get a text from a friend about it, trying to gauge the magnitude of this:



And after a few texts about Scooby Doo erotica, you get one of those notifications too, and your world starts to fall apart.



It seemed to be a slow roll over several hours, but all your try-hard friends did it for sure.



So we pulled on our journalism hats, in a dark basement after a few beers to really get to the bottom of this weird bullshit.


When you click on these notifications, they take you to a dead page.



What the fuck? We wanna see all the shit people wrote about this “Excellent” school all day long. They spent time clicking that 5th star, dammit!


But maybe it’s a fluke. Maybe your friend just changed his mind about MSU being “thicc.”



And then obviously there were memes made:



So what does an “Excellent” review of Michigan State University do for the school except annoy us with notifications and puzzle their motives?



And what is it rating attributed to? The page’s posts? The actual education we got from the school? The number of liquor stores in walking distance of campus? Sports? All of those things are worthy of public ratings, but they deserve far more attention than a 5-star scale.


Our best guess, is that someone found the ability to rate Michigan State University on Facebook, probably a dad, then that dad’s rating was sent to other dads and it eventually trickled down the Spartan-Facebook network into our lives.


So thanks to whoever started this, for making us all feel obligated to rate Michigan State University as “Excellent” at the risk of being judged by everyone we know.





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