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Freshman Trying To Look Like His ID Run Out Of East Lansing After Bad Reaction To Hair Growth Formula Turns Him Into Wolfman

Freshman Matt Davis was recently run out of town by an angry mob after townspeople saw the scrawny reshman turned wolfman trying to take a shower before his 8 a.m.

“Well, this all came from a bright idea I had to look like the guy in the ID I found in my lecture hall.” Davis said.

Davis awoke to an unpleasant surprise after using five boxes of Hair4U from the 7/11 near his East Neighborhood dorm.

“I was so confused why people were shrieking at the sight of me as I walked down the hall,” the freshmen admitted. “Once I looked out the bathroom window and saw residents with pitchforks and flaming torches outside I knew something was up. I looked in the mirror, and yep. I was a full-blown wolfman. Dammit.”

After an overuse of Hair4U to match is new ID, Davis turned into mythical creature and was banished to the woods behind Holmes Hall. Legend has it, if you say Hair4U three times during a full moon, he’ll reappear and return to campus.

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