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Hearty Winter Stews You Can Make With a Combo-X-Change


Winter is coming, and it’s time to put on some holiday weight to survive the dark times ahead. Here are three easy stews you can make to nourish your poor starving self, while still on the budget level of Combo-X-Changes.




Apple juice, Apple Jacks, yogurt, granola bar, green tea, and a microwave.


Stew 1:
The Yapple Jack Stew is a classic cold stew for the days when you’re pressed for time. The texture difference between the crunchy cereal and smooth yogurt makes for an exciting meal. The best part? Between the berries in the stew and the apples in the jacks, you’re sure to be getting all the nutrients you need to get you through this winter, especially while you’re Christmas shopping on Grand River or trying to get through your ISB.




– Take Apple Jacks and yogurt




– Add Apple Jacks to yogurt and marvel at your healthiness

– Mix and enjoy


Stew 2:
A more brothy stew than the aforementioned Yapple Jack, the Double Apple Stew will have you thinking of fall— because nothing is more basic than apple on apple, besides maybe pumpkin on pumpkin.




– Gather Apple Jacks and apple juice




– Pour apple juice into Apple Jacks




– Microwave on high for 1 minute, then enjoy that sweet apple stew


Stew 3:

The Everything But the Kitchen Sink Stew combines many of the aspects of the previous stews, but adds in the bonus of a tea bag and a granola bar for dipping. In this stew, you manage to hit as many food groups as possible— from bread to fruit to chocolate.




– Pour apple juice into a mug, add a tea bag, and microwave on high for 1 minute




– Add Apple Jacks, take an artsy picture of your stew, post it on Instagram




– Dip a chocolate-covered granola bar in your stew; preferably, you let the chocolate melt in, and then enjoy


A Combo X-Change stew is probably one of the best ways to beat the early winter blues while adding variety to your diet. From the Yapple Jack to the Everything But the Kitchen Sink, we at The Black Sheep are prepared to help you refine your palate.





If you woke up this morning surrounded by ravaged Lunchable boxes, this is for you:



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