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Hot Take: Could Miles Bridges Be MSU’s Next Star?

With both the Big Ten and NCAA tournaments rapidly approaching, it’s time for MSU basketball’s stars to make an impact and build a legacy. And while the Breslin is home to electrifying stars such as Gavin Schilling and Kyle Ahrens, Spartan fans have been blown away by a very unlikely star. This young player has the entirety of Spartan Nation asking one thing: could Miles Bridges be the next big thing?

“He may only be a sophomore, but I’ve only seen this kind of raw talent from someone this young maybe a handful of times,” said National Basketball Association scout Rodney Glaser. “He definitely warrants some attention from every NBA team, and has some serious star potential.”

Before he could earn this attention from the professional ranks, he had to accomplish the difficult task of impressing head basketball coach and earning minutes against talented players like Kenny Goins and Conner George.

“I obviously saw a lot in the kid, I recruited him for a reason,” said head basketball coach Tom Izzo. “But that being said, I didn’t expect him to be starting over kids with superstar talent like Matt McQuaid as a freshman. He has certainly outperformed my expectations in every way.”

Despite these glowing recommendations, Bridges has flown completely under the radar during his time in East Lansing.

“When I showed up to the first game of the year, I was only hoping to see Ben Carter’s electrifying footwork in the low-post,” said MSU sophomore Bradley McCullough. “But then they announced this kid named ‘Miles Bridges’ in the starting lineup and I was a little irritated. But after watching him play, I was completely sold. He’s a stud.”

It remains to be seen whether Bridges can continue to be so surprisingly dominant as the postseason begins, or whether he will test his luck in the NBA Draft, but one thing is for sure: Miles Bridges has some serious potential.


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