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Michigan State Is Not All About Football!

With fall approaching all attention turns to football at MSU. Sophomore Mitchell Davis, a disgruntled soccer player, is less than enthused over all of the attention that football and its players get during the fall.


“Coming off of the FIFA World Cup and the US’s advancement to the Round of 16, people should be psyched to watch more soccer! I mean, I’m just as good as Clint Dempsey,” Davis opined to The Black Sheep. “People will feel stupid for ignoring me and my team when we play for the Men’s National in Russia in 2018!”  


What started out as a stationary interview at DeMartin Stadium ended up being one held while walking around campus, ending up at Spartan Stadium, the home of Davis’ nemeses.  


We didn’t know how to break it to him that people were only excited about the World Cup because it was an excuse to binge drink and buy into something, so we just put on a smile and let him continue his rant. 


“We play Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan…We’re just as important! Our games are free and we play more of them! This is bullshit,” he grumbled as he kicked a stone at Spartan Stadium. He looked at the building with hate; screaming, “What makes you so special?”


When he turned back to us tears were rolling down his cheeks, he whimpered “I just really love soccer and it should get the attention it deserves. We’re just as good of players as football players but we actually attend our classes.”  


Surprisingly true words from an otherwise angry, sad, little man.  


MSU Men’s Soccer kicks off the season against Washington on August 21st.

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