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How to Make the Ultimate MSU Caf Dessert: The Caf-A-Munga

Has eating just basic chocolate chip cookies and basic cakes from the caf grown boring to you? Are you looking to step up your dessert game, but don’t know where to start? Well, does The Black Sheep have the dessert for you! Introducing the Caf-A-Munga, a crazy cafeteria concoction of grandiose proportions.

Pretty enticing, right? Here’s what you’re going to need.

You’re going to need at least four cakes, about 5 to 6 cookies of your choosing, a plate of soft serve ice cream, and a bowl of any type of regular ice cream you want (we went with mint chocolate chip because #GoGreen, obviously).

So, to start crafting this plate of diabetes-infused sugar rush on your parents’ dime, take your plate of soft serve and start crafting a t h i c c layer of cake from the ones you got earlier. The cakes can be of any type. You could have them all be chocolate, they could all be vanilla, we won’t judge. We just decided to go with one of everything to make our Caf-A-Munga, because we like to experiment when it comes to the cake layer.


Continue on with the cake layer. Make sure to spread the first three cakes you add evenly around the plate of soft serve. We should mention at this point to not be concerned about the soft serve ice cream being a bit melty; it’s kind of inevitable, and also, it’s all a part of the Caf-A-Munga. With the final cake, add it around the edge of the plate, to really give this dish some pizazz. Now, to make sure the cake layer is complete, you must not be able to see the soft serve ice cream underneath. Hide it away like your deep insecurities so you can move on to the next step.

Next, add the regular ice cream. It should be noted that you probably shouldn’t get the ice cream with the rest of the ingredients, or else it may be a bit melted. Put the ice cream in the very middle of the dish as a kind of focal point, because you’re going to finish off preparing the Caf-A-Munga with some nice garnish.

Now with the cookies, you’re going to make a nice little house encapsulating the ice cream. It screams out to onlookers that you are a fancy person with good taste. The cookie house really brings together this massive mash of a meal, and you can finally go to town on your very own Caf-A-Munga. Don’t worry about anyone glancing over at you eat it, because they aren’t judging you– they’re just jealous that they didn’t think to make one for themselves.

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