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Meet the Wells Hall Ducks, Class of 2017


For the graduating Wells ducks, the past four (or five) years spent waddling the banks of the Red Cedar were a whirlwind of emotions. They laughed, they cried, they ate a lot of bread crumbs. We’re so proud of their achievements and hope the best for their futures. The Wells Hall Ducks, Class of 2017:


8.) Name: Darwin



Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Fun Fact: Darwin was not named after Charles Darwin. 
Favorite Memory at MSU: Working with the community to haul bikes out of the Red Cedar, pick up trash, and keep our river environment a clean one.
Future Plans: Darwin plans to continue his studies for the rest of his life, because he loves science and he loves learning.


7.) Name: Darlene



Major: Music Performance
Fun Fact: Darlene and her long-term boo, Ferdinand (pictured left), can be found singing some fire harmonies every Thursday at Crunchy’s karaoke.
Favorite Memory at MSU: Every show she ever saw at the Wharton, including Wicked, Rent, and Rocktopia Live, a classical and classic rock mashup for the books.
Future Plans: Darlene plans to make it big in L.A.


6.) Name: Robbie



Major: Public Relations
Fun Fact: Robbie’s a total people person and enjoys talking with others, listening to others, and pestering others for the leftovers of whatever they just bought from the Eat at State food truck.
Favorite Memory at MSU: When Izzo led us into the Final Four in 2015 and there were lots of bagel crumbs to eat off the streets. 
Future Plans: Robbie plans to get a job. He just doesn’t have one yet.  


5.) Name: Mark



Major: Finance
Fun Fact: Mark’s a real go-getter.
Favorite Memory at MSU: Feeling extremely confident and not out-of-place or unprepared at every career fair he ever went to at the Breslin.
Future Plans: Mark has a full-time position lined up with Nationwide Mutual Insurance, set to begin the day after graduation.  


4.) Name: Karl



Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: Lately Karl has been acting very territorial towards incoming and lower-classmen ducks. He’s not coping with graduation well.
Favorite Memory at MSU: Floating quietly in the Red Cedar and witnessing the sudden Golf Cart Plunge of 2016.
Future Plans: Never leaving Wells because he’s in denial and want to be a Wells Hall Duck forever.


3.) Name: Cynthia



Major: Studio Art
Fun Fact: Cynthia likes to live in the fast lane, so she does yoga every morning to keep her body, mind, and spirit in harmony.
Favorite Memory at MSU: All the crazy nights she spent on Grand River B.C.C. (Before Conrad’s Closed) and stuffing her face with tots.
Future Plans: Moving to a pond in Central Park, NYC to open her own studio and live that city-duck life.


2.) Name: Kevin



Major: English
Fun Fact: Kevin likes to go with the flow and prefers others to make important decisions for him. 
Favorite Memory at MSU: The 2017 flood, because the Red Cedar River became Lake Red Cedar.
Future Plans: Literally none.


1.) Name: Dave



Major: Management
Fun Fact: Dave protects his ducks from any outside threats, such as alumni bringing their toddlers to the river to pelt them with handfuls of frozen peas.
Favorite Memory at MSU: Being at Wells day in and day out just hanging, swimming, and quacking with the whole gang.
Future Plans: Dave plans to start his own woodworking business specializing in cabinetry.


These darling ducks will always hold a place in Wells’ heart, their splishing and splashing never to be forgotten. Congratulations, class of 2017! You did it!


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