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Miles Bridges Delivers Shocking Landslide Victory in East Lansing City Council Race

Spartan fans poured into the polls on Election Day this past Tuesday and elected the star forward to one of the two available seats up for grabs on the city council.

Bridges was not officially listed on the ballot, but instead won as a write-in candidate. Michigan State students were informed of this option the night prior to the election by an anonymous StuInfo Confidential Message sent out urging them to write-in Bridges’s name.

This caused student voter turnout to surge by nearly 900%, in comparison to the 2015 city council election, increasing the total from 3 to around 3,000.

Supply chain management sophomore, Brad Tressle, had no idea elections even occurred unless it was for president, let alone one taking place in his own city.

“I didn’t vote in 2016 because I didn’t like either of the candidates. This time around it was much easier, because I didn’t even have to know the candidates at all, I just had to spell Miles’s name right.”

Tressle equates his reasoning for voting for Bridges to his dunking ability and infectious smile.

“I mean, the guy just screams charisma. He turned down the NBA for a shot at a Final Four – why wouldn’t he turn it down again for a seat at a City Council dealing with a massive debt crisis?”

Bridges was unavailable to comment on the surprising turn of events, but sources close to him say he’s leaning towards accepting the seat as soon as he destroys Duke next week and that “punk ass tripper” Grayson Allen.

The controversial income tax measure, along with the other vacant seat, have been left unreported, as all anyone seems to care about is this story and not city politics.



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