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MSU Cross Country Runner Lost In Woods Discovers Lou Anna K. Simon’s Witch Coven

An evening run through Sleepy Hollow State Park turned into a nightmare for one MSU Cross Country runner who took a wrong turn and accidentally stumbled upon the witch coven led by former MSU president Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon.

“I’m just glad I made it out alive,” said the student, who wished to remain nameless. “I knew she was into dark-sided stuff, of course, everyone knows that… but the fact that she’s risen to such a powerful position is frightening.”

The student said he found Dr. Simon leading a group of masked individuals in some kind of fireside ritual, complete with chanting, odd dancing, and a sacrificed goat.

“It shocks me those other witches trust her to lead,” the runner added, frowning. “There’s not going to be any accountability in that coven anymore, to say the least.”

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