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MSU Daddy of the Week: Conner


Name: Conner
Twitter Handle: @ConnerCap_14
Year: 5th year
Major: Food Science
Relationship Status: Single (really single)
Fraternity: Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Boxers or Briefs?:
Briefs: the comfort of tighty-whiteys with the freeness of boxers. 


Tell us a dad joke:
“Why does Waldo wear stripes?”

“Because he doesn’t want to be spotted”


If you had to contract one STD, which would it be and why?:
Syphilis. It’s curable, but it’s not trashy like chlamydia.


Are you more of a “dispose of the lawn clippings” or “mow over the lawn clippings” sort of guy?:
Mow over it! I’m not baggin’ that shit! It gets all clumpy and weird.


What’s an easy and fun way to scare young men away from your teenage daughter?:
Be the head coach of the MSU football team.
…worked on me.


Would you rather have dicks for hands or vaginas for feet? Why?:
Footginas for sure. What if I get a scratch on my chin? I’m not trying to rub dicks all over my face. And don’t even get me started on shaving…


What do you think would make a better condom: a shower cap or Saran wrap? Why?:
Saran wrap – I can’t see myself attempting to form a shower cap to my dick. Saran wrap is nice and form-fitting. 


Where’s the best place in your house to hide from your in-laws?:
Plain sight. Parents ALWAYS love me


Where do you hide your edibles from your kids?:
The vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. My kids won’t be going after the vegetables.


Why do you think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
I’m a generous guy, and daddy always provides for his children


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
I can show you great barbecue and a great… deck.




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