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MSU Freshman Catches All 146 Pokémon While Searching for Open Tailgate


Pokémon Go is taking over the world, with an estimated 1,700 downloads every twenty seconds. MSU students make up a large portion of players, and there’s even a Facebook group to help out other students on campus to find Pokémon. Billy Daniels, a sophomore Chem major, has beaten every other MSU student to the ultimate goal of Pokémon Go: finding each and every Pokémon.


Daniels, who aspires to be the very best that no one ever was, told us “I scoured near and far around our highly intoxicated campus,” for an open tailgate he could join. “I didn’t find the loving embraces of people who actually enjoyed his company,” he found Pokémon instead.


“The game started at 7 p.m. so I had been out and about since 6 a.m.,” said Daniels between sips of his spiked combo drink. “Once I realized that more people were shouting ‘FRESHMAN’ than “wow, you’re a complete stranger who’s entirely welcome to drink our beer and eat our food,’ I figured I should bide my time and download Pokémon Go.”


In the 11 hours that Daniels was roaming loose in East Lansing, he decided to hit every campus PokéStop and somehow managed to fill his Pokédex to maximum geek capacity. He didn’t even realize what had happened until 5 days later, when he tried hitting on his WRA prof using his Pokédex, and she was actually impressed.


“Honestly, most of the Pokémon were from eggs that you have to walk two or five or ten kilometers to hatch,” Daniels admitted. “I caught the rest, though. Lots of walking. There are like 146 Pokémon available right now, because the legendaries aren’t out yet and -” we stopped listening after that point, because we didn’t care.


While Daniels has been beaten out for being the first person to catch all available Pokémon by an enthusiast in New York, it’s still a pretty impressive feat. He was used to being an outsider to the world ever since he puked on Lilly Schmidt at the middle school dance, but now he thinks that his life is “finally going to take a turn for the better. Or at least, that’s what mom tells me.”


“I’ve never really achieved anything this massive in my life before,” said Daniels. “I know next time I go out looking for an open tailgate, I can just show my Pokédex to the upperclassmen and they’ll let me slide right in. By the time the Wisconsin game happens, I’ll be balls deep in green Jell-O shots and chips and salsa.”


Daniels is accepting invitations to any tailgate, so feel free to reach out and invite him in. After all, if trading Pokémon becomes a thing, he could be your new best friend.


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