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10 Plays That Prove MSU Has Evolved from “Little Brother” to “Daddy”


A decade has gone by since the Mike Hart “little brother” quote. What started out as a little jab against an in-state rival quickly snowballed into a rallying cry for an entire insecure fan base. Ten years, eight losses, three coaches, and one trouble-with-the-snap later, Michigan still proclaims to be top dawg, despite overwhelming data that says otherwise. An argument could have been made back in 2007 that Michigan State was, in fact, little brother; however, after Saturday’s commanding victory, there is no doubt the Spartans have officially become Daddy to the University of Michigan Fightin’ Harbaugh’s


10.) White Lightning strikes again:



Lewerke’s diving touchdown in the first quarter set the tone for the remainder of the game. Lightning may not have struck in the sky, but it certainly did on the field.


9.) Darrell Stewart juggling catch:



Stewart not only manhandled the ball in mid-air, but straight up embarrassed two Michigan defenders while Sparty watched in approval.


8.) Perfectly executed screen for a touchdown:



The last and only scoring needed for the rest of the game came on this double-fake reverse screen masterpiece.


7.) Michigan fumble at the end of the first half:



Just when Michigan’s offense finally had some momentum, they cough it up right before halftime. Lewerke may or may not have used his static electricity powers from the sideline to force the ball out.


6.) The John O’Korn Flop™:



Rumor has it O’Korn may be trying out for the Wolverine’s soccer team after this masterful flop on the Spartan sideline. This was the second half game plan Jimmy drew up at half, executed to perfection by the Korn man.



5.) O’Korn’s three interceptions:



Believe it or not, this was an actual throw from a quarterback to a Spartan safety. Michigan decided to just go out there and throw punts after getting flashbacks of Jalen Watts-Jackson sprinting down the sideline.



4.) The shucking of O’Korn:



O’Korn got his Korn shucked throughout the entire game by the Spartan D, but none more evident than this particular play with 360 degrees of Spartan Dawgs smashing into him.


3.) The Lewerke Roll™:



A crucial first down towards the end of the game allowed the Spartans to run some precious clock. Apparently tackling in Ann Arbor means catapulting your opponent forward five yards.


2.) The McChoke:



Following Eddie McDoom’s heartbreaking drop with 20 seconds remaining, Andrew Dowell puts salt in the wound by reminding him of his failure and causing this gif to go viral.


1.) Failed Hail Mary:



With the Messiah coaching your team, you’d think at least a Hail Mary would have worked. Unfortunately, there was no miracle in the Big House this year, just poor ball security and a downpour of rain and tears.


The Spartans undoubtedly play better as the overlooked underdog, particularly against the Wolverines. A word of advice for Michigan fans: keep using the term “little brother” to deflect from our true nickname: The Spartan Daddy Dawgs™.



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