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6 MSU Locations for the Best Graduation Pics


The time has finally come for some of our beloved Spartans to leave the Holy Land and go out into the real world—or just back to their parents’ basement. We researched some of the most beloved places on MSU’s campus where you can snap a pic before hitting the road. Warning: further reading may jumpstart your Michigan State nostalgia. Cue the waterworks.


6.) The Wells Hall Starbucks:




Over the past four years, this very coffee shop kept you from passing out during the back-to-back lectures you mistakenly scheduled as an ignorant freshman. Hours have been spent waiting in line for that bitter, liquefied bean to sear the roof of your mouth, in hopes of getting a third-degree burn rather than a degree in something you’re not even sure you like anymore. Well, you did it, so it’s time to pay respects to the life-giving and overpriced guardian angel that saved us all.


5.) The Sign That Leads You to the Wells Hall Starbucks:




Two Starbucks-related locations may seem like too much, but if it weren’t for this baby, you’d still be walking around in circles looking for a caffeine kick with little to no avail. Never once has this sign lied to you, so would it really be too much to pose next to it and make it your new Facebook profile picture? Do it a solid and snap a selfie with the mermaid more loyal than Zeke the Wonder Dog himself.


4.) One of Those Green Emergency Poles:




This will look great with your gown, and will tell future employers that you are desperate for a job to the point of an extreme emergency. It’s a real two-for-one.


3.) The Red Cedar:




You’ve walked over it triumphantly for years, and now’s the time to be where you really belong: knee deep in mud and bird shit. It’s the perfect metaphor for how your ego will feel after graduation. Soon you’ll move away from all your friends and have to start paying those loans you spent four years pretending didn’t exist. So come on, grab your friends and jump down into the E. coli-infested river where you belong. Live a little!


2.) With a Squirrel:




Although “squirrel” may not technically be a location, you know it’s gonna turn out great, so what are you waiting for? They always know how to make people look fantastic in photos, and probably already have a few poses and formations ready for you to just hop into. At this point, you know at least a handful of them by name, so just call ‘em over and they’ll give you the graduation photos you’ll be showing to your future children as proof you’re secretly a Disney character.


1.) This Log:




You did a lot of good thinking on this log, the kind of thinking that got you a degree and a couple of snazzy tassels to sport at graduation. Make sure you get a portrait here, because then you’ll always have it for reference when you need to remember how you once did some good ol’ MSU college-kid thinking.


Your time may have flown by, but now you’re free to pursue whatever you want. Now, go find an adult and a real-world thinking log and show the world what being a Spartan is all about.


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