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MSU Named Most Powerful Midwest Powerhouse


During the MSU vs. Notre Dame game, the announcers said something quite interesting for a change. They were doing a segment on “Powerhouses of the Midwest” and not only was MSU ranked as a Midwest Powerhouse, we were ranked as the most Powerful. Since 2010, MSU has snagged the impossibly hefty amount of 66–oh wait, 67 now–wins. Woah.




No other team really came close. Ohio State has had 58 wins since 2010, Notre Dame has had 56 wins, and once again at the bottom of some kind of barrel, is U of M with 51 wins since 2010.


So, while we can’t say we’re surprised about this, it was definitely incredible to see on TV how much everyone sucks in comparison to us.


We at The Black Sheep have a little message for each of the other Midwest Powerhouses.


Notre Dame, it is absolutely wild that we didn’t score a single point in the last quarter of the game and yet we still ended up beating you. And we’re pretty sorry about this one, but R.I.P to your playoff dreams.


Ohio State, we barely acknowledge that you exist, but it’ll be really good to see your sad lil’ faces crying in Spartan Stadium on November 19th.


And Michigan… we’ll see you in hell.


Since when did college apartments have rooftop pools?


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