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MSU Students Think Man’s Chalk Outline on Sidewalk Is Just Another Advertisement For a Club


It’s the beginning of a new school year at MSU, and many campus organizations and clubs are trying to get the word out about them to new students in any way possible – some through Sparticipation, others through social media, and some by writing their information in chalk on the sidewalk.


However, located on the sidewalk between Wilson and Case Halls, students have begun to walk over what they believe is just another chalk advertisement, when it actually is the crime scene of a sad death. The MSU Police had drawn a chalk outline around the victim’s lifeless body before removing it from the scene.


“Yeah, it was not a pretty sight,” said MSU Police Officer Gerald Peters. “Poor guy was taking a stroll before taking dropping dead. Pretty crazy shit.”


If one looked close enough, they would be able to see some of the victim’s blood still splattered on the concrete and grass surrounding the crime scene. However, that doesn’t stop MSU students from thinking the chalk outline is for a club.


“I think it’s a pretty cool way to advertise for your club,” said freshman Jeremy Hoff, “I keep seeing ads on the sidewalk in chalk, but this one really caught my eye. Instead of just writing out to come to their meetings, they like, drew it out. I mean, I don’t really know what club it’s advertising, but it still looks pretty cool.”


Students were later seen taking pictures of themselves lying in the chalk outline where, just a few hours previously, a poor man’s life was stolen away from him in the blink of an eye, and everyone who knew him had their lives changed forever.


“It’s gotta be an advertisement for like, the forensics club or something, right?” asked MSU sophomore Bethany Grey. “Although, I feel like advertising with a chalk outline would be a bit too on the nose, even for them.”


Everyone deals with tragedies such as this in different ways. It is very heartwarming to see that, because of the MSU student body’s complete disregard of the crime scene, that everyone can move past this event with a smile on their face and the knowledge that other MSU clubs need to step up their advertising game.



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