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Not All Heroes Wear Capes: We Talk to the Guardians of Our Beloved Sparty


Every October, the brave men and women of the Spartan Marching Band sit watch, protecting our beloved Sparty statue from invading Wolverines. The week leading up to the annual Michigan-Michigan State football game is a time for smack talk, preparing your liver, and the desecration of another school’s landmark. The Black Sheep ventured out on a brisk Wednesday night to speak with Cal, a third-year drummer and protector of the night during this vicious rivalry week. These are his stories:


If Jim Harbaugh were standing here right now, what would you say?
Congratulations on your brother winning the Super Bowl.


How many touchdowns will Jalen Watts-Jackson score?
Three. All pick sixes.


Do you have any advice for Michigan’s punter going into the game?
Try not to have trouble with the snap.



Craziest experience on Sparty Watch?
My first year a guy came by and handed out a case of ginger ale to everybody. Other than that, the whole idea of staying here all day all night the entire week is crazy enough as it is.


What’s harder: Watching over the statue or watching Michigan play offense?
Michigan’s offense, hands down.


Who would win in a fight: Brian Lewerke or John O’Korn?
I think Brian Lewerke would win, but with one big knockout punch right at the end just like how we beat them two years ago.


How much support do you get from the university?
More than anything we get support from your average student. When we go out on the field there’s nothing else like it.


Any interactions with Michigan fans?
There’s definitely sometimes Michigan fans will walk by and heckle, but for the most part no, they’re afraid of the line of green we got here.


Score prediction?
MSU 2 – UMich 0


Godspeed Cal, Godspeed – we at The Black Sheep wish you the best of luck.



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