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Where Are the Portals to the Upside Down On MSU’s Campus?


If you’ve hopped on the bandwagon like everyone else and binge watched the fuck out of Stranger Things 2, then the fictional town of Hawkins, IN may be starting to blend with the reality of Michigan State University. Whether you’re curious about the suspicious placement of these portals or in search of a man like Steve and his luscious hair, these top-secret spots will have you ready to disappear into another dimension faster than you can say, “Will is a little bitch.” No spoilers, just grime:


5.) Berkey bathroom:

Of all the places to relieve yourself on campus, Berkey takes the home the prize for least appealing. With the amount of dirt on the aging tile, accidentally falling into the upside down is a strong possibility.


4.) IM West:

Anyone who’s grabbed a dumbbell at this place knows what bro sweat feels like. The color and musk of IM West strikes a scary resemblance to that of the Upside Down, except in that dimension, you’d actually have space to exercise in.


3.) Panda Express @ Crossroads Food Court:

Orange Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, or chicken nuggets smothered in soy sauce – any of these delicious options at the on-campus Panda Express will make you want to escape it all. It’s an easy way out once the regret starts to set in from eating the McDonald’s of Chinese foods.



2.) The Comm Arts Sparty’s:

The presence of Spartan Spirit coffee is the first sign there might be a portal around. Its sludge and bitter taste, combined with it festering in the sweaty convenience store dungeon located in Comm Arts, makes it a safe haven for the Demogorgon.


1.) Facility for Rare Isotope Beams:

The giant building on Shaw Lane with no windows that’s been under construction forever is the most obvious place to find the mecca of all portals to the Upside Down. Ask anyone about the facility and they’ll tell you how important it is but can never explain what a “rare isotope” is.


Hidden beneath our very eyes and feet lie countless portals to the Upside Down, strewn across MSU’s campus. The question is: are you Steve enough to go searching for them?



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