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Report: Wait, Hockey Season Started

As Spartan Nation anxiously prepares for a highly anticipated basketball season, and continues to enjoy a surprisingly decent football season, a major piece of sports news slipped through the cracks. That’s right, folks, apparently hockey season started.

According to sources close to The Black Sheep, the season apparently started in earnest all the way back on October 13th with a crushing loss to Bowling Green.

“Damn, low-key didn’t even know we still had a hockey team, let alone that they were playing now,” said junior Alex Meyer. “Neat.”

Meyer is not alone in his indifference. According to sources, only eight people actually noticed that hockey season started. Even the people who have found their way into games so far didn’t know what was happening.

“I thought it was going to be figure skating, but then they just started hitting each other,” said sophomore Elyse Hintz. “Needless to say, I was confused.”

Even the team itself didn’t see the beginning of the season coming.

“To be honest, it kind of snuck up on me too,” said freshman forward Mitchell Lewandowski. “I was just eating lunch one day when coach texted me and told me we had a game that night. He said to get to Munn ASAP and got frustrated when I didn’t know what that meant.”

Despite the utter indifference of the fanbase, MSU coach Danton Cole remains optimistic about the status of the team.

“Look, I know we’re flying in under the radar in a big way, but that’s how we like it. Nobody will see us coming,” said Cole. “Like literally nobody. Please come to a game, they’re pretty cheap and even if we lose, they can be fun sometimes.”

It remains to be seen whether Cole’s enthusiasm will rub off on the rest of Spartan Nation, but one thing is for sure: MSU hockey will still be skating. Probably. We haven’t checked.



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