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Roommates Unsure if They’re Ready for Commitment of Sharing Netflix Account


Despite living with each other for nearly a month and getting along well, the relationship between Wilson Hall roommates Julien Heidecker and Paul Martin has encountered an unexpected stumbling block. The pair are unsure whether they’re emotionally ready to share a Netflix account.


“Paul is a great guy, he really is,” said Heidecker to The Black Sheep. “I just don’t know if I’m ready to share a password with him. I just got done sharing an account with my best friend from high school, I feel a little unprepared to jump back into anything serious.”


When reached for comment, Martin expressed similar sentiments.


“Julien is a fantastic roommate. We’ve only known each other for like a month and we’re already best friends,” said Martin enthusiastically. “But when it comes to creating a joint Netflix account, I just don’t know. I’ve only ever had a Hulu free trial, I don’t know what to expect. What if I hate the things he watches on our account and I end up hating him? I just don’t know, man.”


This fear of creating a joint Netflix account is actually far more common than you might expect. According to East Lansing relationship therapist Dr. Fredrich Strider, nearly one in three pairs of roommates struggle with fear of taking that next step and signing up for Netflix.


“A ‘friends with benefits’ type situation can be a little emotionally scary for a lot of people,” said Dr. Strider. “Whether those benefits are sexual favors or the ability to stream Daredevil, the fear is still the same. People fear losing the ability to back track and get back to ‘normal.’ There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to these password sharing fears. It’s up to the individual roommates to make sure they’re comfortable and to set boundaries.”


As for Heidecker and Martin, they’ve elected to test the waters by creating a Spotify family account to share for “tailgates and other parties.” As far as if they plan to eventually take the plunge and share a Netflix account, both Heidecker and Martin seemed sheepish before eventually saying, “We’ll see.”




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