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How to Sneak Into an MSU Fraternity Darty

So it’s a sunny Saturday morning, and you have yet to make plans. Surely there’s an abundance of darty opportunities around East Lansing! However, there’s one darty you want above all else. Make sure you get into that cool frat party everyone’s talking about by using these sneaky maneuvers.

6.) Pull a Little Rascals:
Break out your handy dandy trench coat and fake beards. The key to this one is to make sure that you put a jersey over the trench coat so you blend into the rest of the crowd of darty-goers.

5.) Pretend you’re a DJ:
Prop your iHome up on your shoulder and parade on through the crowd. If any of the frat bros try to stop you, just ramble off some music terms. By the time you get to ‘bass drop’, you’ll have them convinced that you’re truly there to drop some sick beats instead of using them for their keg.

4.) Carry in an obscure object:
No one has the balls to question someone carrying in a piñata. As long as you keep your head held high while walking in, you’ll immediately be accepted into the darty atmosphere. Any number of things could work for this, whether it’s a giant teddy bear or a box full of rubber snakes.

3.) Invest in a police costume:
Head on over to Party City and dish out a few bucks to earn your entry into any darty. You’ll draw a ton of attention to yourself, but once people find out you’re not a real cop, they won’t give a fuck how you actually got into the party.

2.) Mrs. Doubtfire that shit:
Get your pal to make you a scary realistic mold of one of the frat bro’s faces, train yourself to answer to the name Chad (because let’s be real, there’s a good chance that’s his name), and adorn yourself in any sports jersey. You’ll slide right in.

1.) Body Glitter:
There’s nothing drunk frat boys love more than someone covered in body glitter. Green is preferable, but hey, they’re probably too drunk to notice if you go with something else. The sun will hit the glitter in just the right way and there ya have it, you’re in.

Regardless of what route you choose to go while sneaking into a frat party, the key is confidence. Flash that million-dollar smile and walk right on past the questioning frat bros.

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