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Student Arrested For Public Nudity After Misunderstanding Meaning Of Dublin’s “Half-Off” Night

What should have been a fun Wednesday night turned into a nightmare for junior electrical engineering major Nick Edison after he misunderstood the meaning of “Half-Off” night at Dublin Square, showing up sans pants and promptly being arrested by the East Lansing Police Department.

Edison, who recently turned 21, had never been to Dublin before, he told The Black Sheep from his jail cell.

“All my older friends told me that I couldn’t miss half-off night,” added Edison through tears. “They said Dublin was the place to go for a good time and for good deals. As someone who consistently feels restricted by the oppressive force of pants, the only thing that made sense to me was that ‘half-off’ meant you only had to wear half of your clothes.”

At press time, Edison was beginning the first draft of his manifesto, tentatively titled “On the Oppressive Nature of Pants and the Path Towards Revolution.”

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