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Top 10 Places Your Introverted Roommate Could Be If They Never Came Back for the Night


You’re just starting to get to know your new roommate at MSU, and the main thing you’ve noticed about them is that they’re super introverted. Like this turtle is forever in their shell, it’s that bad. But you come back to your place one night and notice they’re gone from their usual spot on their bed. Where could they be? Here are the places they are most likely at to set your mind at ease:


10.) The MSU Library:
Your roommate is probably off being a model MSU student over at Club Lib, studying for an upcoming quiz. They’re really putting you to shame, since you haven’t even bought any of the required textbooks for your classes. Don’t expect them back for a while, only expect to see them on the Dean’s List.


9.) Back Home:
Your roommate probably just forgot to tell you that their parents were coming up to MSU to get them and take them back home for the weekend. No big deal, you’ll see them on Monday. Enjoy the place to yourself and do all the “dirty deeds” you’ve been holding out on doing…


8.) At a Party:
You never know, your roommate might be getting turnt up at a house party. Good for them, getting out of their comfort zone, putting themselves out there. If this is the case, proceed to then feel bad about yourself because you didn’t get invited to any parties.


7.) On a Date:
Maybe your roommate has been able to find someone in their classes who looks at their introversion as a nice quirk. They’re probably at Bubble Island chatting it up over bubble tea with their bubble hubby. Let’s hope it goes well for them!


6.) Out Looking for You:
Why didn’t you answer your phone when they were calling you earlier? Now they’re worried sick and out there on campus trying to rescue you. Now you have to retrace your steps to see if they followed your trail.


5.) Fee Hall:
You knew something was off about this person. They must’ve broken into Fee Hall in order to be among the cadavers. Your roommate probably wanted to “set them all free.” Or maybe they enjoy being around dead bodies more than being around you.


4.) Fighting Crime:
Your roommate didn’t come back for the night because they are the night. They lurk in the shadows, watching over MSU like Batman does with Gotham City. They’re the hero MSU deserves, but not the one it needs.


3.) Arrested by Campus Police:
That shy exterior was all ruse. You were actually living with a cold-hearted criminal this entire time. The Campus Police probably broke down your door and arrested your roommate as they cackled quietly to themselves, saying that the police hadn’t stopped your roommate’s master plan yet. So, live tonight like it’s your last, because it just might be.


2.) Still in Your Room, Undetected:
Don’t look behind you.


1.) Oh wait, you never had a roommate:
No wonder they were so quiet! Your roommate literally does not exist! Everything makes sense now. You didn’t have to wait for your roommate to get out of the bathroom for hours, they were never in there to begin with. You just thought they were so shy they didn’t want to come out. Well, that’s embarrassing.


No matter what, we’re sure your roommate is fine. They’ll come home eventually and slink back into the indent they’ve made in their bed and everything will be at peace once again.




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