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6 Gross Places MSU That Need Spring Cleaning


 Spring is the wonderful culmination of rainy weather, seasonal depression, lonely professors assigning unrealistic amounts of homework and, most importantly of all, spring cleaning. The Black Sheep have washed the beer stains from our shirts and cleansed our bodies, and it’s time for MSU to do the same. Here are 6 MSU buildings that need some serious spring cleaning.


East Shaw Hall Entrance:


This article, for all intents and purposes, is designed to make you laugh and be shared on the inter-webs. We’re going to be deadass serious in this section, though, and then get back to the giggles. East Shaw Hall, you have very large, smelly, and downright revolting garbage cans in front of you. You couldn’t put them anywhere else? Every day we at The Black Sheep walk by it and almost have an emergency stomach ejection. Please, get your act together.


The Packaging Building:


It’s been a long cuffing season of not being cuffed. Time to shave the carpet, deodorize, and edulcorate those crevices. We’re talking about the package, ladies and gentlemen. Every solid package needs a good refresh – even the buildings. MSU should really think about trimming its bush here, and we would advise all of you to do the same.


Sidewalk Pizza and Fish:


Let’s make it clear: we know this isn’t a building. While out doing some hard-hitting journalism like this, we came across this sidewalk pizza and fish. Only looks a day old. Pity. What kind of sick monster does this to Sny-Phi pizza and fish? It’s a waste of food, undeniably. It’s just another damn thing for MSU to clean up. RIP to sidewalk pizza and fish. You will be missed, but never forgotten.


Rare Isotope New-ish Building:


We caught this at a good angle. They’ve been doing construction on this building since the beginning of time, and it’s always loud there. It’s also always sandy and asphalt-y. When are they going to get done? The world may never know. Time to clean that bitch up.


Hubbard Hall:


You. Yeah, you. You’re lucky we care about our jobs at The Black Sheep. It took a solid 30 minutes in the cold rain to take this amateur picture of a building. This building is 12 floors of shit. It’s far away from everything. It’s 12 floors tall. It doesn’t make sense. 12 floors of spring cleaning for MSU. Good luck.


Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture and the Instructional Media Center:


You may be thinking, “Hmmm, I don’t see a building in that picture.” Well, you’d be 100% correct (better than you’ll ever do on any test). Unfortunately, we couldn’t catch the building in time for class, so we had to go to the bottom of the bucket for this one. All we had was this picture of this absurdly cute squirrel and the sign for the building. We know it’s nice. Keep ya dick in ya pants. MSU has some cleaning to do.


Spring cleaning is good for every party, even the MSU ones. No one wants to live in a place where the floor is as nasty as every inch of Rick’s. Hygiene is important, and even buildings have to keep it up in this rainy and depressed time.




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