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’Twas the Night Before Valentine’s Day: A Homoerotic Spartan Experience


’Twas the night before V-Day and all through Dantonio and Izzo’s houses,
not a woman was stirring, not even their spouses.


All the ladies had gone to celebrate Galentine’s Day,
but an unexpected storm had put them at a delay.


Mark and Tom were sad, they’d planned fun times for their wives,
who knew they’d be having the best night of their lives?


Mark dashed to the phone in search of Tom’s number.
He dialed him up and said, “Hey, what’s up brother?”


Tommy rushed right over, a six-pack in hand.
Lupe’s his great wife, but Dantonio’s his man.


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The coaches sat on the couch with cold beers in hand;
they shared a feeling of brotherhood hard to misunderstand.


Highlights from the Maryland game flashed across the screen,
baskets were scored and Mark watched Tom’s face beam.


Mark inched closer and closer to decrease the gap,
not stopping until he had reached his friend’s engorged lap.


Izzo whooped and cheered; a big moment had passed!
He looked up to notice Mark’s goalpost full mast!


“You’re just so passionate,” Mark whispered, a glimmer in his eye.
“I know what you mean,” replied Tom, as he let out a sigh.


All bets were off as the two leaned in to kiss.
“Touchdown,” Mark whispered, parting his lips.


Time stopped passing; they were in some sort of trance.
Only seconds had passed before Tom’s hands were deep in Mark’s pants.


The moved things to the bedroom before things got too hot and heavy,
besides, that’s where the condoms were, and things couldn’t get messy.


Mark passed Tom the lube to grease up his member,
then quivered in ecstasy, his neck kissed so tender.


They lingered in foreplay just a few minutes longer,
caressing each other, their bond so much stronger.


Then finally it happened, after all the anticipation,
they moved on to the good stuff without hesitation.


Dantonio smiled that smile as Tommy slid in.
They humped all night long without fear that their wives would come in.


“Go Green,” Dantonio moaned, his hand frantically grabbing Tom’s hair.
“GO WHITE,” Tom replied, as he scored a three-point cumshot, no time on the buzzer to spare.


They cuddled and talked for what seemed like forever,
until Mark noticed a vibration coming from the front of his sweater.


His wife texted him, “Be home in an hour!”
“Perfect,” he thought. “Just enough time for a victory cigar and a Gatorade shower.”


Tom put on his suit and he laced up his shoes,
He took one last look at his football-y muse.


He was sad knowing that this was the end of their endeavor,
but he knowingly smiled, remembering it wouldn’t be forever.


Tom knew the next time he saw Mark things wouldn’t be the same,
so on his way out he grabbed Mark’s ass, winked, and whispered, “Good game.”

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