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Wow! This Junior Isn’t Trying to Brag, But He’s Set to Graduate in Only Four Years!

Top research universities like Michigan State tend to attract the best and brightest from around the world. They flock here to study fields as diverse as accounting, landscape architecture, physics, zoology, and more; the brainpower of some of these individuals is truly staggering. Knowing this makes the forthcoming achievement of Brad Fastidio, a junior supply chain management major from West Bloomfield, all the more incredible: he’s set to graduate after only four years of undergrad.

Uh, yeah, Albert Einstein who?

While hesitant to talk up his soon-to-be accomplishment too much, Mr. Fastidio definitely has the receipts; he emailed a copy of his transcript and planned schedule to The Black Sheep to confirm that, yes, he’ll be graduating in the spring of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree.

Someone get Mensa on the line, because this guy’s intellect is off the charts!

Despite the current trend of college students taking an extra semester or even an extra year to finish their degrees, Fastidio has been on top of his education since day one; he even came in with 12 credits from AP classes in high school. That’s right; this guy was taking college-level courses while still in high school.

If you see us quivering, it’s because the power of his brainwaves is shaking us down to the subatomic level.

Don’t even get us started on his ACT score—the test itself was so impressed by his awesome level of college-preparedness that it had to be rescored due to a scantron error. Let’s just say if his score was a person’s age, it would be only a year or two away from beginning to wonder if it’ll be single forever.

Damn, Brad. Just damn.

Fastidio’s classmates are well aware of his smarts as well; he was the one who did all the work on his ISB group project, because his groupmates were just too incompetent to keep up with his higher-order information processing abilities. He also got asked for help all the time in MTH 103, because his mom is a high school math teacher and taught him a bunch of tricks.

Might as well hop on the Brad train now, because this guy is coming around the mountain at top speed!

In case any of this hasn’t impressed you enough, Fastidio also has a 3.53 GPA, studied abroad in Spain (when he was only a sophomore!), and has an internship lined up with Ace Hardware for this summer. And, despite all of his success, he remains humble; he only asked us to write this story about him because he got tired of telling his friends all of this unprompted while waiting for the beer pong table to open up.

Modest, intelligent, driven, and ready to tackle the business world after only four years of undergrad —Brad, you’re truly an inspiration to us all! We’ll be sure to look for you on the cover of Time soon enough, stud!

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