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Wow! We Turned 7 MSU Basketball Players Into Dinosaurs

The Spartan basketball team might be lethal on the court, but they are nothing compared to the apex predators of the prehistoric age: dinosaurs. Despite their lack of reptilian qualities, many MSU players share similarities with these noble beasts of yesterday. No, we really put thought into this.

7.) Jaren Jackson- Spinosaurus:

Just like MSU’s lanky center Jackson, the spinosaurus has extremely long arms. While we know that Jaren uses his long limbs to deliver career-ending blocks, it is speculated that the Spinosaurus used its arms to grab and hold prey.

6.) Tum Tum Nairn- Struthiomimus:

Tum Tum is put on the court for an infusion of speed and defensive intensity. This quickness would make him fit in quite well with a herd of struthiomimus, who could reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Also due to their small size, Tum Tum wouldn’t have to worry about being crushed by his dinosaur companions.

5.) Gavin Schilling- Therizinosaur:

Both slightly enigmatic, both Gavin and the therizinosaur have long frames. Gavin uses his length to influence shots while on defense and post up while on offense; the therizinosaur uses its long arms to grasp and shear leafy branches. Just a little different.

4.) Nick Ward- Triceratops:

It should go without saying that Nick Ward is a modern-day triceratops. The triceratops was strong, physical, and tough in its day, just like Nick Ward standing tall in the post on both offense and defense. Discussion over.

3.) Cassius Winston- Velociraptor:

While Jurrasic Park may not have been entirely accurate with their portrayal of velociraptors, these cunning predators were ruthless on the hunt, just like Cassius Winston setting up an offensive position. Smart. Tactical. Deadly.

2.) Kenny Goins- Stegosaurus:

Kenny Goins is actually relatively undersized for his position, but he more than makes up for this height disadvantage with his scrappy style of play, much like our prehistoric friend the stegosaurus, who used his armor plating and spikes to fight off attackers.

1.) Miles Bridges- Allosaurus:

Miles Bridges is an elite athlete who changes the game whenever he steps on the court. His prowess is reminiscent of the mighty allosaurus, who struck fear into their prey wherever they hunted. Both Miles and the allosaurus are truly magnificent specimens.

Let’s hope that these noble dinosaurs of basketball don’t encounter a meteor anytime soon.


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