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4 Games to Play While You Wait For Your Flight Back to NJ for Fall Break

Waiting for flights is the absolute worst, no matter where you’re headed. Airports are huge, too expensive, and have terrible selfie lighting. Distract yourself from your current hell with these games to play while you wait for your flight back to the Garden Garbage State, because everyone knows your flight is going to be delayed and you’ll have time to kill:

4.) Play bingo with gate numbers:
Make your granny proud as you slay the bingo game. Gather a group of other Wolverines on your flight, and play bingo with the gate numbers at DTW. G26 anyone? Can I get a G26? Winner gets everyone else’s sad and crumbly Biscoff cookies on the flight.

3.) Race other pedestrians on the people movers: 
Randomly choose an unsuspecting flyer for a pick up race to see who can get across the McNamara Terminal the quickest. The catch: NO RUNNING (only speed walking is allowed). Watch out for those scumbags standing in the ‘walk’ lanes on the movers—they’ll ruin your time. If you’re looking for a more advanced challenge, try racing with your roller suitcase.

2.) Leap frog with your four carry-ons:
You’re allowed to have one carry on and one personal bag, but we all know you really have four. Between your weekend bag, your backpack full of novels for your history class you surely won’t read, your overflowing purse/duffel, and your laptop, you’ve got plenty to keep track of. Give your arms a break, and set your things down. Space them out in a line, and hop over them in order, avoiding touching your bags like they’re the MSU guy who tried to hit on you this past weekend.

1.) Paper airplane racing:
Find a pilot scurrying through the airport and ask them important questions: Can you briefly explain the physics of flight? How many folds is the ideal amount for paper airplanes? Do pilots get special snacks during a flight, or is it the same bland shit everyone get? Fold your boarding pass into a tiny paper plane, and see how far you can make it coast.

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