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What These 5 Detroit Date Party Venues Say About You

Whether you drunkenly befriend the bathroom attendant or spend half the night trying to ditch your date (or get ditched by your date), date parties are the low point of most Greek life collegiate nights. From many tears, piles of vomit, uncomfortable setups, shitty bus rides and the rare “good time” at a date party, these venues are definitely iconic staples of the college experience. So which one are you? 

5.) Bleu Detroit:  
You’re sooooo super basic and love to have a good time, especially when you get the chance to tell your friends at home you’re super cultured and totally branching out because you went to Detroit. You have always been the epitome of sorority girl, you cop an invite to every frat date party somehow (so you’re basically a Club Bleu regular), and you pretend to tell people you’re super classy when everyone knows that you’re probably not. If you’re not completely drunk the whole time, and you’re not a complete mess every time you go out, you’re not actually going out that night.

4.) White Star NightClub:
You’re a complete rager and have absolutely no regard for anything. Everyone knows you as the crazy party girl who keeps on doing ridiculous things without any boundaries or regard for authority. You’ve kinda given yourself a pretty rough reputation and no one knows what you’ll be up to next. Just like White Star is in Hamtramck, you have no regard for actual rules or anything, it’s always a toss-up about what kind of night you’ll have. White Star is notorious for being cheap and reliable, just like your pretty ratchet lifestyle.

3.) 29 Park:
Given Novi is an actual residential suburb of Detroit, that means real people live here with, like, families and stuff. You’re just as lowkey as Novi, and you’re the closest thing to classy that a college date party can provide. Everyone sets you up for every date party because they think you’d be a great fit and you just give off a vibe of, “I’m super fun and friendly and I can always provide a good time.”

2.) Wiard’s Orchard and Country Fair:
You’re a wholesome feller who drinks apple cider and listens to Sam Hunt while eating corn on the cob. Just kidding! You’re more into the whole barn dance scene since you don’t have to actually dress up for this and you’re probably from Michigan. You never actually grew up out of your teenage years, and you’re still thinking of how you totally peaked at high school homecoming sophomore year with your super hot date. So, it’s settling for the classic barn dance for you. You drink Fireball unironically, and your friends call you mom, also unironically.

1.) Cavern Club:
You’re that local gal next door with a wild side. Sure, your hookup definitely knows you’re a really convenient booty call, but he also doesn’t know that you’re actually hooking up with a few other guys on the side and just keeping your options open. Everyone sees you on the outside as a reliable gal, just like Cavern Club is in Ann Arbor, but you’re also pretty insane on the inside and hide it super well.

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