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A Judgmental Map of Ann Arbor, Michigan


Ann Arbor frequently tops lists of the best college towns in the nations. We certainly agree that A2 is the best place to live, but we might have slightly different reasons. Using our well refined cartography skills we created an accurate map of Alcoholics Anonymous Ann Arbor that you can show to your proud parents, aunts, and uncles.


Click the map for a larger image, dummy! 


Realistic Map AA




Future White Collar Criminals:

Would submitting the screenplay for The Wolf of Wall Street as your application to Ross get you a scholarship? Message us with opinions.


No ID? No Problem:

Yeah, you know the party supply store that we’re talking about. The price of underage alcohol consumption isn’t an MIP, it’s just a ridiculous markup.


Learning communities and “learning” communities:

There are two types of freshmen who apply to be in Living Learning Communities: kids who are interested in immersing themselves in cultural and artistic experiences and kids who are interested in not living on North campus.


North campus was not included in this map because nobody on our staff actually knows where it is or if it exists.


No, you can’t use shacking to justify being “technically homeless”:


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